Further Reading

Title: Seychelles Since 1770: History of a Slave and Post-Slavery Society
Author: Deryck Scarr
ISBN: 0865437378
Published: 1999
Length: 246 pages
Description: A scholarly history book of the Seychelles covering the years from 1770 to date. In it Scarr recounts the evolution of the society, originally an offshoot of Mauritius and Reunion, the immobile years of the earlier twentieth century, the post war surge for social welfare, the granting of independence in 1976, the coup in 1977 and its aftermath.

Title: The Indian Ocean in World History
Author: Edward A. Alpers
ISBN: 0195337875
Published: 2014
Length: 192 pages
Description: Coming soon

Title: Islands in a Forgotten Sea
Author: T.V. Bulpin
ISBN: 0582105404
Published: 1958
Length: 436 pages
Description: Classic text about the history of human exploits in the western Indian Ocean. Great tales of Arab sailors, pirates, colonial powers and the islands in the sea of Zanj. The sea of Zanj has been a place of myth and mystery since time immemorial, and its islands have captured countless imaginations. Bulpin recounts the stories and histories of this area; stories of strange animals and exotic places, of pirates and runaway slaves, of lost kingdoms and deadly welcomes. The book includes a detailed list of early historical literature about the western Indian Ocean.

Title: Seychelles (Bradt Travel Guides)
Author: Lyn Mair & Lynnath Beckley
ISBN: 1841629189
Published: 2012
Length: 208 pages
Description: A great travel guide packed full with useful information about the Seychelles. The book covers natural history, island hopping, choosing the right holiday accommodation, plus guides on diving, fishing and water sports. There is also information pertinent to those visiting the Islands as cruise ship passengers.

Title: Forgotten Eden: A view of the Seychelles Islands
Author: Athol Thomas
ISBN: 0582105404
Published: 1968
Length: 196 pages
Description: Coming soon

Title: The Seychelles
Author: Guy Lionnet
ISBN: 0715356003
Published: 1972
Length: 200 pages
Description: Coming soon

Title: Beyond the Reefs and Shark for Sale: Adventures in the Seychelles
Author: William Travis
ISBN: 0099749904
Published: 1990
Length: 384 pages
Description: Coming soon

Title: A Grain of Sand: The Story of One Man and an Island
Author: Brendon Grimshaw
ISBN: 1874041334
Published: 1996
Length: 210 pages
Description: Coming soon

Title: My Seychelles Years
Author: V.C. Harvey-Brain
ISBN: 0959306013
Published: 1987
Length: 265 pages
Description: Coming soon